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Our Headshot Services

What’s the single most important marketing tool for a professional? Actually it’s your image and especially for professionals it’s your headshot and it’s amazing how many people will make do with something that is just OK to save a few dollars. It’s time to take it more seriously. In a series of experiments studying judgment from facial appearances, Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov found it only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone from just looking at a photo of their face. 


When your headshot pops up on a potential clients screen, you want the impression to be “I want to see this person now!” NOT “Whoa, no way!”


Your personal brand is important, ditch the selfie and present the world with an image that says who you really are.  If you want to be perceived as a professional, you have to act like one. You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so the way you present yourself in your picture is everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. If your headshot is bad, you look bad.


As a professional headshot and portrait photographer, specializing in professional headshots I’ve learned a few lessons and I’d like to invite you to experience what I can do to enhance your personal brand by giving you the best headshot you have ever had.

Our Process

1) Our services are not time or look based, we will take as long, and try as many looks as you need to get what you want and are happy with the images you see. All sessions are assisted by a expert stylist who can help with wardrobe and look decisions.

2) You will receive some helpful guidance and tips before your session, so you can come ready and prepared to look your best

3) You all be able to see and choose the best images, with expert guidance at the end of the session. 

4) Our images are professional retouched and finished by the best in the business

5) Final Images will normally be delivered within 3 business days of the shoot.

Our Prices

An Individual studio session is $300.00, 1-2 retouched Images are $75.00 each, with a discount if you buy 3 or more for $50.00 per image

Additional subjects are $200.00 if shot at the same session.  

Corporate or Group Headshots in your location are priced at $250.00 per hour (min 2 hours), plus image costs (any incidental expenses incurred will be charged at cost) 

Optional Extras

Women: I absolutely recommend getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist.  We have list of artists that we like to work with and if you book them they will be available throughout the entire session to touch up if needed. Basically even with professional make-up the goal is to start with a very natural look. Typically a MUA will cost from $125.00 - $175.00 per session.


We aim to make you looking be the best you you can be. We can re-touch blemishes etc., so don’t worry, but our goal with re-touching is not to make you someone you are not. We hear all the time from recruiters, agents and casting directors that they are amazed when they have to ask if it’s really you in the picture.

Hair styling is completely up to you. Our make-up and hair stylists can help with making you look your best, but remember we can’t offer a full service in the studio. If you need a full wash/style I suggest we book an appointment with a nearby salon before we shoot.  

For men, If you wear facial hair occasionally we can start the shoot grown out to your desired length and shave part way through, please bring your required toiletries. 

Request a Booking


A Deposit of $100 is required at booking time to confirm the booking

To Request Information without booking, CLICK HERE


Thanks for your Booking, We will contact you shortly to confirm your booking

What Our Clients Say

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Jeff, Attorney

Wonderful professionalism with a touch of humor!

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