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Colin, just a quick note of appreciation and a "thank-you" for your very informative pre-conference workshop.  It was a most beneficial investment of my time. Thanks again for a great workshop.  - Rick C. Mathews



I attended your session during Imaging and really learned a lot! Again, great session!  I loved every minute of it! - Ardath Waller


Thank you so much, Colin! I really enjoyed the class and learned so much. - Alene


Thank you Colin. What a great presentation! - Ted York


Thank you for sharing!  I love the class and will be viewing it again later in the week. - Kevin Shank


The class you taught on moving into commercial photography on Saturday, 2021-01-16, was amazing and inspiring.

You were right when you said it was like drinking from a fire hose! You gave us so much information. - Gary E. Goodsell


Thank you thank you thank you! - -Aubrey Hord, Cr.Photog., CPP


Thank you so much for the webinar you gave the other day. It was very insightful. I've been struggling with the details to include in a bid - your information will become part of my practice. - Jacqueline Southby


 Wonderful info.  Thank you so much for sharing. - Dale Joyce


A belated but heartfelt thank you for the workshop. A kid in a candy store was how I felt and it was so refreshing to experience your openness and trust to let us experiment. I hope to attend more of your workshops. Kevin S Moul

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