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An Introduction to Shooting in a Studio and Studio Lighting 

LOCATION: 6060 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85016  

DATE: 12/11/2021

TIME: 09:30 to 05:00 pm Cost: $199

ABOUT : Certified Professional Commercial photographer Colin Murray explains and demystifies the process of using Studio Lights. In

this class, you'll learn everything from basic lighting terminology to

creating single and multiple light set-ups.

We’ll start with a single speedlight and we’ll cover how to light a

portrait using a single off camera light, modifiers, and a light stand.

We’ll move to working with two and three studio lights as well as

reflectors, grids and flags kits to create beautiful. dramatic portraits

We’ll talk about how to solve several common photography lighting problems, like reflections on glasses or lighting for age appropriate skin.


By the end of this class, you'll be able to buy your first off-camera lighting kit and how to confidently shoot that first in-studio beauty or fashion portrait.


This class is ideal both for beginning photographers that have a basic knowledge of photography (the level taught in “Getting to Manual”) as well as experienced photographers who want to explore the possibilities a studio setting provides.


• Expertly light a model portrait using just one light and one modifier

• Work with more complex two and three-light set-ups

• Create light for portraits, fashion, beauty, or drama

• Light a group photograph

• Learn to troubleshoot the most common lighting questions

• Confidently purchase the right lighting equipment for your work



• Intermediate photographers looking to progress their skills and start in the world of studio portraiture

• Photographers looking to earn extra income though family, children, corporate or other portraits.

• Photographers wanting to set up their own studio at home or in other spaces.

• Photographers looking to learn how to use studio lighting equipment properly.



Basic photography experience is required. Students must have access to a camera capable of shooting in manual.

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