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Portfolio Building Session 

LOCATION: 6060 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85016   

DATE: August 14th, 2021 9:3am to 5pm


Cost: $250



We have been blessed recently with a new crop of new models some who bring some exiting new looks and experiences to the studio and we were looking to arrange a Saturday shoot in the studio to give some of the models the experience of working with other photographers as well as creating a portfolio building opportunity for the photographers.


I will set up 2 shooting stations, one for beauty and one for fashion, but we could also shoot natural light near the windows. We will bring in a professional make-up artist for the beauty shots as well as some of the fashion looks. I don’t have anything in mind off the top of my head, so any ideas you want to shoot let me know. This is a shoot so no formal teaching, but of cause I’ll be happy to guide and help as needed.


I intend to price this depending on the number of attendees, I’ll split the cost of the models, MUA and studio amongst the attendees. I suspect we’ll come out about the 150-200 mark depending on numbers.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone looking to shoot high quality beauty and fashion images with a variety of models 

Basic knowledge of working with models in a studio. 



Refreshments and lunch will be provided. 

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